NS® Soft Fit® LT 100 ear plugs are comfortable and easy to spot

Deliver excellent hearing protection to workers working around loud machinery or performing tasks in noisy environments - NS® Soft Fit® LT 100 ear plugs. These corded foam ear plugs offer NRR 31dB protection for employees in loud workplaces.

The plugs are made of soft foam and are tapered, making them easier to insert and remove. They are comfortable, have a superior recovery rate, and deliver a better fit to safeguard workers' hearing at construction sites, machine shops, manufacturing plants, and other settings where noise can be a major issue. NS® Soft Fit® LT 100 Corded Foam Ear Plugs offer excellent protection at an affordable price. 

These ear plugs are corded, helping reduce loss and making them easily accessible for better compliance, and their bright orange color makes them easy to spot.

Provide reliable hearing protection with ear plugs that are comfortable to wear and budget-friendly - NS® Soft Fit® LT 100 Corded Foam Ear Plugs.

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