Convenient, comfortable SmartFit® reusable ear plugs

Safeguard workers' hearing with reusable ear plugs that feature a detachable fabric cord for corded or uncorded use . Howard Leight SmartFit® reusable ear plugs offer a custom fit that workers will appreciate.

Made with a patented Comforming Material Technology™, they use body heat to adapt to the shape of an individuals ear canal and provide a comfortable, customized fit, allowing workers to wear them for extended periods of time. After removal, SmartFit® goes back to its original shape and are ready to be used over and over again. Howard Leight SmartFit® Reusable Ear Plugs with Detachable Cord, NRR 25 have flanged handles that assure easier insertion and removal and the triple fin design delivers more contact inside the ear canal for a better seal.

These ear plugs have an NRR of 25dB to safeguard workers' hearing at construction sites, machine shops, and other workplaces where hearing protection is critical. The high visibility orange ear plugs can easily be washed with soap and water for long-lasting use, and the HearPack™ storage case protects them when they are not in use.

Improve compliance in the workplace with affordable ear plugs that are comfortable, convenient and help protect workers' hearing in loud environments - Howard Leight SmartFit® reusable ear plugs. 

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