New Fact Sheet from OSHA About Safety Walk-Arounds

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is reminding employers, managers, and supervisors to keep up an active role in their safety programs. OSHA’s new fact sheet, Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers, provides suggestions for conducting inspections that can help them evaluate the effectiveness of their current safety and health efforts, and communicate directly with workers about job hazards.

OSHA describes three parts of the safety walk-around: pre-inspection, inspection, and post-inspection. 


  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the site and the hazards that have been previously identified
  • Talk to site safety representatives about their observations and concerns
  • Meet with the site’s safety committee


  • Wearing safety gear, look for hazards and damage
  • Talk to workers at their stations
  • Seek out newly hired employees to get their perspective
  • Try to find solutions for hazards while you’re conducting the inspection. Creating solutions “on the spot” demonstrates your commitment
  • Make a list of priorities to be addressed


  • Prepare and abatement plan containing a list of hazards found, corrective actions needed, and a reasonable timeline for implementation
  • Describe briefly how the hazards will be addressed and identify interim controls that will be used while more permanent measures are developed
  • Share the plan with managers, track progress, and ensure all corrective actions are implemented in a timely fashion
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