OSHA Releases Tree Care Worker Safety Resource

Employees in the tree care industry face many unique challenges. To promote safety for those workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released Solutions for Tree Care Hazards.

In this publication, OSHA provides safety measures for both employers and crew members on the topics of traffic control, drop zones, chippers, aerial lifts, and power lines.

Some of the guidelines that OSHA offers are:

  • Develop traffic control plans that include the proper use of control devices
  • Provide pedestrians a safe route away from activity areas
  • Provide training on drop zone entry and exit procedures
  • Use cones or caution barrier tape to establish, mark, and manage the drop zone
  • Make sure that safety guards, controls, and emergency shut-off devices on wood chippers are working properly
  • Stand to the side when feeding wood materials into the chipper and never feed rocks or metal into the feeder
  • Allow only qualified and trained workers to operate aerial lifts
  • Never use ladders made of metal or other conductive materials near overhead power lines. Use only wooden ladders or those made of synthetic materials
  • If an overhead power line falls near a worker or equipment, move away from the equipment using short, shuffling steps and keeping feet close together
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