Upstairs… Downstairs… Why You Should Use the Handrail
Slip, trips, and falls are a common cause of accidents on stairways, sending people to the emergency room daily. These hazards (and the painful injuries) can easily be minimized, and even eliminated with a little work, attention, and vigilance. 

Poorly designed stairs and handrails can lead to falls. To make stairs safer, add slip-resistant treads and nosing to the entire tread, and place handrails at the height of 34” to 38” from the stepping surface. Handrails should extend the full length of the stair, plus 12” at the top and one tread depth at bottom, to provide a sturdy grip.

Clear the way
Good lighting is essential, both during the day and at night. And always keep stairs clear of obstacles including clutter, ice, and snow.

Use good judgement
Some people think using a handrail is only necessary when they’re going downstairs, but that’s not true. You can trip going upstairs and risk an injury like a fractured wrist. And what about the texting that is occupying your attention? Or the piece of paper you’re reading? Multi-tasking on the stairs just isn’t a good idea.
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