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Build The System That's Right For You!

The Breathe Easy™ System consists of a helmet or hood, breathing tube, turbo PAPR unit, and battery charger. The battery charged turbo unit powers the system and supplies a steady stream of cool, filtered air to the headpiece. The unit can operate continuously for up to 8 hours. Systems are customized with cartridges specific to your needs.

Easy to Order in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Select your helmet, facepiece, or hood

A variety of hoods and helmets are available and compatible with turbo units. Please check your selection to see if the breathing tube is included or sold separately. There are a number of accessories available to make using the helmet, facepiece, or hood more comfortable. Accessories may include spectacle holders for full facepiece respirators, chin face seals, and Nomex® neck protectors for use with welding helmets.

Step 2 - Select your cartridge

Cartridges are available for many applications. The cartridge you select will determine which turbo unit you need.

Step 3 - Select your turbo unit

The choice of turbo units is based on the cartridges that are required for use in your specific application and environment. Single Turbo Unit (Item# 154-9278) for use with single cartridges. Combo Turb Unit (Item# 154-23358) for use with combo cartridges.

Need Help? Please Call Toll Free 1-800-571-4646

Need Help?
Please Call Toll Free at 1-800-571-4646

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