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How Does a Belt-Mounted Power Air Purifying Respirator System Work?

This belt-mounted system consists of a hood, helmet, or facepiece, breathing tube, and PAPR motor blower unit. Blower unit is powered by a NiCad battery and can operate up to 8 hours per charge. Systems are customized with cartridges specific to the wearer's needs.

Easy to Order... Simple to Customize in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Select your PAPR unit

Choose PAPR motor blower. The motor blower comes with blower unit, battery, charger, belt flow meter, power cord, and plugs. Accessories and replacement parts are available and sold separately.

Step 2 - Select your hood, headgear, or facepiece, and breathing tube

A variety of hoods and helmets are available. All are compatible with the belt-mounted PAPR motor blower. Select the headpiece that best fits your requirements. Breathing tubes are sold separately and should be purchased with your headpiece. Please select the item# for the breathing tube that is listed with your headpiece.

Need Help? Please Call Toll Free 1-800-571-4646

Need Help?
Please Call Toll Free at 1-800-571-4646

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