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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees and regulates workplace health and safety. OSHA requirements define the minimum acceptable standards for a Respiratory Program. These requirements include the following:

  1. Establish written operating procedures for selecting and using respirators.

  2. Properly select respirators based on hazards your workers are exposed to.

  3. Conduct fit testing and train workers on the proper use and limitations of respirators.

  4. Clean and disinfect respirators regularly.

  5. Store respirators in a convenient and sanitary location.

  6. Routinely inspect respirators during cleaning and replace worn or deteriorating parts. Emergency use respirators must be thoroughly inspected at least once a month and after every use.

  7. Survey work area conditions and degree of employee exposure or stress.

  8. Regularly inspect and evaluate the effectiveness of your Respiratory Program.

  9. Do not assign persons to tasks requiring respirator use unless they have been medically evaluated and deemed fit to perform the work and use the equipment.

  10. Use only NIOSH approved respirators.

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