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Product Selection Guides


Air Purifying Disposable Respirators

These respirators contain filter material to block airborne particles from passing through the wearer's facemask. Designed to be thrown away when used to capacity.

Maitenance Free

Air Purifying Maintenance-Free Respirators

These respirators come pre-assembled with chemical cartridges of your choice. Pre-filters are available for additional protection from particulates. Economically priced to be thrown away after using.

Low maintenance

Air Purifying Low Maintenance Respirators

Combine the economy of disposables with the flexibility of reusable respirators. Cartridges, prefilters, and some replacement parts are available.


Air Purifying Reusable Respirators

Heavy-duty respirators feature a full line of replacement parts for longer life. Cartridges are available for a wide variety of chemical contaminants. Pre-filters are available for additional protection from particulates.


Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

Battery charged blower units power these respirators and supply a continuous flow of filtered air into the headpiece. These systems are available with additional head protection for a variety of application requirements.


Airline Respirator Systems

Airline systems use a pump and hose to bring breathable air into the wearer's face mask system. This supplied air can be pressure demand - air flows only when you breathe, or continuous flow - a constant stream of air flows into the face mask system.


Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Systems (SCBA)

These respirators allow you to carry your own supply of breathable air. Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA) systems utilize smaller tanks and are used for escape purposes only. EEBAs may also be used in conjunction with airline systems.

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Need Help?
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