Stay Safe on the Loading Dock

Loading docks are one of the busiest places in a work place. With all of the fast-paced activity, comes a variety of hazards and higher risks of accidents and injuries. Proper training,  precautions, and vigilance can help reduce those risks.

Loading Dock Hazards
Loading docks have more hazards than just the constant forklift traffic. Workers can also be at risk of: 

   • Slipping on wet, oily, or icy surfaces
   • Tripping on broken floor surfaces
   • Falling off the edge of docks
   • Falling from unsecured dock plates
   • Being injured by motion caused if someone forgets to                      secure wheel chocks
   • Carbon monoxide exposure
   • Back injuries from lifting

Minimize the Risks
These simple steps will help reduce the hazards on the dock:

   • Keep floors clean, dry, and in good condition
   • Keep walking and driving lanes free from containers,                        packaging, tools, and other trip hazards
   • Clean up and get rid of trash and wipe up spills
   • Watch out for and clean up dripping water and melting ice
   • Report dangerous and broken floor surfaces
   • Check that dock plate capacity will handle the load that will                be going over it
   • Secure movable dock boards into position so they won’t slip
   • Slide, don’t drop, dock plates into the proper position
   • Wear stable shoes with non-slip soles
   • Stay away from edges, and don’t jump onto or off                             loading docks
   • Check that trailer wheels are properly chocked before                       loading or unloading
   • Make sure drivers turn off motors to prevent carbon                         monoxide exposure
   • When lifting, use safe lifting techniques – bed your knees                   and lift with your legs
   • When possible, use forklifts, pallet jacks, or other                             equipment to lift heavy loads 
   • Keep load height at a level you can see over
   • Watch out for forklifts and other traffic around the dock
   • Step out of the way when you hear a forklift horn
   • Be mindful of things on the dock that could fall or roll

Loading docks are extremely busy places filled with potential hazards. With the proper precautions and awareness of your surroundings, the risk of injuries can be minimized. If you have questions about how our products can help make your loading dock a safer place, please call our Technical Support Reps at  800-922-8553, or email They’re here to help!

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