New High-Vis Standard

Every 5 years, ANSI updates their visibility standard. The latest update, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, sets the basic guidelines and minimum requirements for reflective apparel. While most of the requirements from the previous standard remained intact, there were a couple of notable changes.

The biggest change requires Class 1 and Class 2 garments to have a minimum of 23.25 square inches of reflective material in the shoulder area. The objective of this change was to improve a worker's visibility while they're bending over. It also improves their visibility while working at angles where they may not be seen without the reflective material on their shoulders.

The new standard does not make changes to the amount of background or reflective material required for performance classes. Class 3 garments still require sleeves with reflective material encircling them.

One other significant change to the standard involves the addition of testing and labeling requirements for garments marketed as "FR." Under the new standard, any high visibility garment labeled FR must comply with at least one of seven commonly accepted FR standards. These FR standards, independent of ANSI 107, are published by either ASTM or NFPA.

In order to comply with ANSI 107-2010, FR garments must be specially labeled in one of two ways.

  • For garments tested to an ASTM FR standard, the letters "FR" followed by the specific ASTM standard must appear inside the garment.
  • For garments tested to an NFPA standard, a separate label indicating that it met certification requirements must be attached to the garment.

In addition, ANSI 107-2010 added new testing requirements for rainwear. There are now three test methods that define rainwear as water repellant, water resistant, or waterproof.

The changes made to the previous ANSI 107 standard are intended to keep you and your workforce safer on the job. If you have any questions about the new standard, or about any of our high visibility garments, please give our Technical Support Reps a call at 1-800-631-1246. They'll be happy to help you choose the garment that fits your needs.

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