Test Your Safety Knowledge

June is National Safety Month. What a perfect time to test your safety knowledge! We’ve selected questions related to the most commonly used safety products. The answers are below. Good luck!

1. What type of protection do you need when you’re exposed to flying particles?

     a. Eye Protection     c. Head Protection

     b. Face Protection   d. Both A and B

2. If you wear prescription glasses, you don’t need additional eye protection against workplace hazards.

     a. True

     b. False

3. Eye protection is required when working around which of the following hazards?

     a. Flying particles    d. Chemical gases or vapors

     b. Molten metal       e. All of the above

     c. Liquid chemicals, acids, or caustic liquids

4. What should you do when you’re working in areas where there’s potential for head injury from falling objects?

     a. Look up every 2 minutes for flying and falling objects

     b. Ask a co-worker to yell when an object is about to fall

     c. Wear head protection

     d. Assume you’ll hear something happen

5. Which classes of hard hats can save you from high voltage shocks, as well as provide penetration and impact resistance?

     a. Class A     c. Class C

     b. Class B     d. Both A and B

6. Hearing protection is required when you’re exposed to a noise level of 85 decibels or higher for an 8-hour period of time.

     a. True

     b. False

7. Which form of hearing protection should be fitted by a professional?

     a. Single use ear plugs     c. Ear muffs

     b. Molded ear plugs          d. None of the above

8. Respirators are considered personal protective equipment (PPE.)

     a. True

     b. False

9. Which of these gloves should you wear when working with certain chemicals?

     a. Nitrile gloves     c. Leather gloves

     b. Fabric gloves     d. Both A and C

10. Once you’ve selected the proper gloves to protect you from the chemicals you’re exposed to, you can continue to use them until they wear out or are torn.

     a. True

     b. False

Answers: 1–d, 2–b, 3–e, 4–c, 5–d, 6–a, 7–b, 8–a, 9–a, 10–b

How did you do? If you got less than 5 answers correct, you may need to brush up on workplace safety. If you answered 6-9 questions correctly, there’s still a little knowledge to gain. If you got all 10 answers correct – Congratulations! You know your workplace safety.

If you need help keeping yourself and your co-workers safe, give us a call. We can help you find the right products to fit your needs. Call our Technical Support Reps a call at 800.922.8553, or email techsupport@northernsafety.com.

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