What Motivates Safe Work Practices?

Workplace safety is mandatory through OSHA. However, injuries occur in the safest workplaces. Even if a company has an extremely comprehensive safety program in place, the workers must take some responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of those around them.

How do you make sure safety is taken seriously? Many companies use safety incentives to encourage workers to take the correct measures to stay safe and to report unsafe practices. Safety incentives give workers positive encouragement to take part in current and future safety program initiatives, rather than simply reprimanding employees who refuse to comply with safety rules.

A safety incentive program can be used to motivate workers to reach goals, such as attending safety meetings, performing a job hazard analysis, or reaching a set number of days without an injury. The program can also work to build morale and camaraderie within the workplace.

There are several benefits of a safety incentives program.

  • Incentives increase safety awareness
  • Safety becomes more interesting
  • Employees value recognition; it shows that management is paying attention
  • Incentives can also produce positive results if you incorporate them into a program that requires some type of safety activity to make the person or group eligible for the prize
  • Incentives are a good public relations tool for the safety department or safety committee

An incentive program is a useful tool to increase safety, but it must fit the objectives of your company. Be sure the goals you put in place complement what your company is trying to achieve with its safety program. Get employees involved with developing and implementing the incentive program. And put safeguards in place to deter employees from under-reporting injuries and safety infractions.

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