Add a Safety Message to Increase Safety and Compliance

It seems unlikely that simply adding your logo or a safety message will help increase compliance and safety... but it’s true! 

The proof is in the numbers. A large, national company was reporting an increase in the number of pinch point injuries their workers were experiencing. After discussing their needs, they chose high-visibility gloves with the safety message “Watch Your Hands” printed on the back. The gloves’ bright color and bold message served as a constant reminder to work safely. As a result of their workers wearing these gloves, the company reported a 70% decrease in injuries! 

Adding your logo to safety equipment, such as hard hats and safety vests, can also serve as a form of identification on the job site. If someone on the site is not wearing the correct safety equipment, workers will know in an instant that the person is not an employee. The logo creates awareness, and ultimately an added layer of safety and security. 

However, these efforts will be wasted if your workers aren’t comfortable in the products. We’ve taken that factor out of the equation with our wide variety of safety products and apparel. All of our custom products were specifically chosen for their style and comfort. 

Our Custom Products Specialists can help you select the product that will fit your needs and make your workers happy. Give them a call at 800-635-4122. They’re here to help you and answer your questions about the custom imprint process.

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