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A Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit provides safety on the go

First aid kits are a necessity for keeping employees safe and healthy. When you're looking for the best value in a first aid kit, the Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit is just what you need. This kit is ideal for a variety of workplaces, and in case of an emergency, it lets you instantly set up a first aid station wherever you need it.

This first aid kit is perfect to keep in a vehicle because it has a molded carry handle with slots for mounting it in an automobile. This keeps it out of the way until it's needed. The compact size of this first aid kit allows it to fit in many small areas and makes it easy to carry to a remote worksite.

Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kits has six partitioned areas that allow the contents to be kept neat and organized. Containing bandages, antiseptics, wound pads, wipes, and other important emergency supplies, it provides everything that might be needed to tend to the wounds of a worker on the go. The contents of this first aid kit will treat up to 25 people before requiring a refill. Provide a Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit for all your work areas to save money and keep workers safe.

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