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Nitrile gloves provide comfort and protection

Laboratory, assembly line, and industrial workers require hand protection to help keep them safe. Offering employees NS® FlexShield® Nitrile 5 Mil 9 1/2" Disposable Gloves can reduce workplace injury and health risks.

NS® FlexShield® Nitrile 5 Mil Low Powder 9 1/2" Disposable Gloves give employers the opportunity to keep workers' hands protected, while eliminating latex allergy reactions. The rolled cuff makes them easier to pull on and off, and increases durability. In addition, the gloves provide superior strength with a 100 percent nitrile construction that resists abrasions, tears, and chemical splashes.

Nitrile gloves are more puncture resistant than natural rubber and vinyl disposable work gloves. The fingertips are textured to give workers a better grip, and the low powder ensures comfortable wear. FlexShield® gloves are made with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted materials in an ISO 9002 Registered facility, and consistent quality is guaranteed through a controlled manufacturing process.

Make hand safety a workplace priority with NS® FlexShield® Nitrile 5 Mil Low Powder 9 1/2" Disposable Gloves from Northern Safety. 

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