Pyramex™ Ztek® safety glasses protect eyes and budgets

In hot, humid workplaces, safety glasses can slip out of place, leaving eyes exposed to hazards. These clear lens safety glasses are designed with rubber-coated temple ends to prevent slipping and increase worker safety and comfort. The glasses feature polycarbonate lenses for superior protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and impact from flying objects.

Workers will enjoy the stylish, wraparound, single-lens design of Pyramex™ Ztek® Safety Glasses with Clear Lens that offers a wide, panoramic view and excellent protection. Their comfortable fit helps to ensure employees maintain compliance throughout the day.

Employers will appreciate the low price and the scratch-resistant coating that extends the life of the glasses. They are not just a smart choice for protecting workers, they’re also an intelligent choice for safety budgets, and they comply with ANSI standards.

The workplace can get hot in industries like metal-working, manufacturing, woodworking, and outdoor construction, and many types of safety glasses will slide under those conditions. Stock up today on Pyramex™ Ztek® Safety Glasses with Clear Lens and provide superior protection for workers’ eyes with comfortable, non-slip safety glasses.

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