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NSI Inventory Solutions

Reduce the Costs of Managing Your Facility with Inventory Solutions from NSI

We understand that Inventory Management is not "One Size Fits All." Our custom and standard solutions are designed to help solve your toughest inventory control challenges.

See Immediate Results

Reduce waste and consumption

Improve inventory processes and productivity

Increase visibility with reporting and tracking

NSI Automated Supply Solutions

Let NSI ensure critical supply chain continuity through contactless reordering and automated inventory management to minimize risk for your people and operations.

We are the premier distributor of supply chain solutions, delivering C-Parts, specialty products, MRO, PPE, engineering assistance, inventory management, vending machines, kitting and assembly.

We Offer Several Vending Solutions:

  • Coil (Helix) Machines
  • Locker Machines
  • Prostock Machines
  • eDrawer Machines
  • Weighstation Machines
  • Würth's Kanban Rack Systems

We have the tools and flexibility to create a unique program that fits your specific needs.
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Inventory Management Solutions

NSI Inventory 						Solutions


Durable machines provide immediate access to the tools and supplies your workforce needs.You’ll have a clear view of inventory and usage, and easy-to-use reporting.

NSI 														Inventory Solutions

Crib Management

Powerful software tracks incoming and outgoing inventory, providing complete visibility from crib to floor.

NSI Inventory Solutions


Control costs by doing business electronically, monitoring consumption with our comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting.

NSI Inventory Solutions

On-Site Services

We can place a NSI associate in your facility to help and set up a “Shop in a Shop” on-site store based on your needs.

NSI Inventory Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our expert team will design and build a custom system tailored to your unique business needs and processes to deliver the results you want.

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