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When you're looking for industry news and product information, Northern Safety has exactly what you need to stay up to date! Get the most out of your visit with our free safety articles today. Northern Safety’s News and Information provides valuable industry safety tips and practices, frequently updated news content, and informative safety and industrial product articles. You can count on Northern Safety to help you keep your workers safe.

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8 Tips for Safely Using Your Weed Trimmer

Weed trimmers are an essential tool for landscapers and maintenance teams to keep property looking neat and well kept. Whether you’re new to lawn care or a seasoned veteran, take some time to consider these eight safety tips to minimize your...Read Full Article

Danger in Railroads: Safety Rules Around Tracks Include These 3 Hazards

There are approximately 147,000 workers employed in the rail industry as locomotive engineers, rail-track laying and maintenance equipment operators, railroad conductors and yardmasters, and more. While they all have different roles, there is one...Read Full Article

2022 National Safety Stand-Down

National Safety Stand-Down week is a time to raise fall hazard awareness across the country and stop injuries and fatalities caused by falls. This year it is taking place from May 2-6. A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event that encourages...Read Full Article

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