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Specialty and commercial vehicle manufacturing is a robust industry, employing over a million US workers for design, engineering, parts, and production. To keep vehicles coming off the line, companies can turn to us for products and systems that maintain the supply chain, supplies to keep the machinery running smoothly, and PPE to protect their workers. Together, we can help facilities operate at peak performance.

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Health & Safety Hazards

Slips, Trips, and Falls

The floors in an auto plant can produce hazards. To keep themslelves out of the ER, employees should wear footwear with non-slip soles that provides adequate traction and is appropriate for the work conditions. Avoid falls by keeping walkways free of clutter, using ladders properly, and using personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) where necessary.

Struck By/Caught In/Caught Between Incidents

Employees in vehicle manufacturing plants work around heavy, powerful objects and machinery. Hard hats, steel toe footwear, and safety eyewear are among the personal protective equipment (PPE) that prevents injury.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

When workers lift heavy objects, reach overhead, bend into awkward positions, or perform repetitive tasks, they are prone to painful MSDs. These conditions include sprains, strains, and other damage to muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. These injuries, and their accompanying costs, can largely be prevented by applying ergonomic principles.

Electrical and other Hazardous Energy

Uncontrolled electrical or hazardous energy can harm workers if machinery isn't operated or maintained correctly. Both operational and lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures should be followed at all times. Utilizing proper head protection, gloves, and clothing can significantly reduce the likelihood of employee injury should an accident occur.


Plant employees are often in loud environments. Prolonged exposure to both loud noise and sudden bursts of noise heavily impact hearing. OSHA requires employers to address hazards to hearing. Controlling noise exposure and using ear muffs and plugs prevent hearing loss on jobsites.

Chemical Exposure

Burns, dermatitis, and inhalation sickness can affect those who work on the manufacture and assembly of specialty vehicles. Workplaces with hazardous chemicals must use engineering and administrative controls, identification labels, safety data sheets (SDS), and employee training to limit exposure. Gloves, sleeves, coveralls, respirators, and spray socks are examples of helpful PPE.

Diesel Particulate Matter

Those working in the automotive industry are at risk for exposure to diesel particulate matter. Employers should assess the conditions, take action to limit exposure to the air contaminants, including implementing control devices and PPE.

Extreme Temperatures

Some manufacturing employees may be exposed to excessive heat, making their jobs more difficult and putting them at risk for illness. High heat and humidity causes dehydration, heat stress, and heat stroke. Frequent breaks, proper hydration, and air circulation help workers stay well.

Sharp Surfaces

Cuts and lacerations can come from many phases of vehicle manufacturing including exposed screws on machinery to grinding tasks to working with glass. Implementing automation in the plant and other controls reduce risk. Cut-resistant gloves also aid in injury prevention.


Get The Right Respirator For Your Vehicle Plant Team

Dust, dirt, and other particulates are often found in the air around plants that manufacture specialty vehicles. This can make it difficult, uncomfortable, and unhealthy for workers to perform their jobs.

Use Your Power And Air Tools Safely

Power and pneumatic tools are a practical way to complete many assembly tasks when you work in the specialty vehicle industry. There's a reason why they're found on nearly every work bench you encounter – they increase productivity, helping you accomplish more in less time

Safe Forklift Operation Checklist

Because they’re so commonplace, a worker might think that they pose no threat to their safety. However, they can cause collisions, falls, tip-overs, and struck-by accidents.

7 Tips For Safer Machine Maintenance

Well-executed machine maintenance helps minimize accidents, reduce downtime, and save money. It’s important to remember that no matter what type of maintenance is taking place, precautions must be made to ensure the safety of the person carrying it out.
Graph of cost savings between old glove and Ansell glove totaling a 50% decrease in cost

Van Manufacturer Saves $300k & Reduces Injuries After Working with NSI & Ansell

A step van manufacturer was having a complex problem where they were seeing significant lacerations taking place when the operators were handling sheet metal. The EHS manager reached out to their local NSI account manager for support and were able to help lower costs by 60%, as well as the extra peace of mind that work-related lacerations and secondary injuries also greatly decreased.
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NSI Brands

With NSI Brands, you can trust that every single product will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our exclusive family of safety and industrial supplies combines great style and impeccable value with quality that’s backed by strict manufacturing processes and third party testing. Try them out today.

NSI Inventory Solutions

Advanced features on northernsafety.com help you manage and streamline your department's spend and ordering processes.

NSI Logo-It Custom Express Printing

In-house, full service customization solutions range from screen printing to embroidery to custom sign special orders.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Department is your source for comprehensive safety solutions. Look to us for equipment rentals, scheduling repairs, and professional maintenance and inspection teams.

Advantage+ Rx Safety Eyewear Program

An easy, cost-effective way to provide safety eyewear for workers who wear prescription glasses.

Shoe Express - Safety Shoe & Boot Program

Supply your team with the proper safety shoes without tedious paperwork or shoemobile logistical hassles.

Direct Connect Employee Voucher Program

Proprietary procurement software with lightens the load of purchasing and distribution of employee PPE and supplies.
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