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Fixing 5S Problems in Food & Beverage Through Identification

Save time. Create order. Drive food safety. With our passion for driving continuous improvement and creating lean efficiencies, AccuformNMC’s unique range of solutions are trusted by North America’s leading food and beverage producers.

Learn about documentable cost-saving opportunities and category-best product solutions from AccuformNMC. Plus, add value within your organization having seen best practice examples from across the food and beverage spectrum.

Join Pete Bloniarz from Justrite to learn all about these objectives

1. Understanding the importance of 5S in the food and beverage industry for maintaining a safe and organized workplace.

2. Learn about the different products available for facility identification and visual management tools, such as Shadow boards and accessories.

3. Identify and address the common issues in 5S implementation, such as tool and product location, physical risks, and contamination.

4. Work with an expert in facility identification and visual management tools to develop a scope of the project, identify existing processes and tools, and design a solution that is both safe and effective.

5. Utilize record-keeping tools, such as acrylic holders, to maintain a clean and safe workplace and prevent contamination.

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Are You Confident Your Workers Are Visible?

Struck-by hazards are a leading cause of fatal injuries and the chief cause of non-fatal injuries within the construction sector. In 2019, 170 deaths resulted from struck-by injuries, and almost half of them involved moving transport vehicles. Hi-Vis clothing creates greater visibility of workers within the work zone and has been shown to be effective in reducing the number of struck-by incidents within the construction sector.

Join Radians Product Manager Nicole Novick and VP Of Industrial Sales Dave Larimer as they walk you through the 3Ps: Protection - wearing the proper clothing, Purpose - helps keep workers safer on jobsites, and Performance - More Comfortable = Happier Workers = Safer Workers

And that's what it's all about!

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Protect Your People On The Job With Hi Vis Products From Radians


Type R Heavy Duty Class 2 Two Tone Hi-Vis Surveyor Safety Vest


Class 2 Hi-Vis Two Tone Surveyor's Traffic Safety Vest


RadWear™ Class 2 Economy Breakaway Safety Vest


Class E Hi-Vis Reflective Traffic Surveyor Safety Trousers


Axis™ Hi-Vis Lime Palm Coated Level A7 Cut Resistant Gloves


High Visibility Polyurethane Palm Coated Work Gloves

Tool Tethering & Heat Stress in Construction

Join Ergodyne as we discuss tool tethering and heat stress in the construction industry. We will examine the common challenges construction jobsites encounter with dropped objects (tool tethering) and heat stress prevention programs. We’ll also unpack the important product attributes that help create solutions to these challenges, with an emphasis on Ergodyne solutions.

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Protect Your Workers With Tool Tethering and Heat Stress Products From Ergodyne

Ergodyne® Squids®

3100 Tool Lanyard

Ergodyne® Squids®

3158 Hi-Vis 2 lb. Coil Hard Hat Lanyard

Ergodyne® Arsenal®

5730 Leather Bottom Bucket

Ergodyne® Chill-Its®

6700CT Blue Evaporative Cooling Bandana

Ergodyne® Chill-Its®

6690 Cooling Arm Sleeves

Ergodyne® Chill-Its®

Low Profile Hi-Vis Lime Hydration Pack

Construction Respiratory Program Suffocating You? Breathe Easy.

Silica Dust, Asbestos, Welding Fumes, Concrete Dust, Lead, Solvents, Sprays, Fibers, and more. What do they all have in common? Your lungs! If you’re encountering one or more of the above at your workplace, you know all too well what wearing a respirator entails. So, when it comes to your workplace respiratory program, you may want to start with the following questions:

1. Does my company have a mandatory or a voluntary respiratory protection program and if so, who is responsible for it?

2. What are the respiratory hazards that you we are protecting against?

Join Craig and Frank from Moldex as they help us get a better handle on what to look for when implementing or improving your construction respiratory program.

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Keep Your Workers Safe With This Great Selection Of Respiratory Protection From Moldex

Moldex 2300

N95 Exhalation Valve Disposable Respirator

Moldex 2200

N95 Standard Shape Disposable Respirator

Moldex 7800

Series Premium Silicone Half Mask Respirator

Moldex 2730

N100 Exhalation Valve Disposable Respirator

Moldex 1500

N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator

Moldex 9000

Series Reusable Full Face Respirator

Eye Hazard Challenges in Oil & Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry is one of the highest risk sectors for eye injuries due to dust, chemicals, welding sparks, or windy weather. Don't forget about the sun that can also give off intense glare which distracts more than helps when working outside.

In this webinar we will cover many of the hazards to keep an eye out for and outline the steps you can take to reduce your risk of eye injuries.

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Keep Your Workers Eyes Protected With This Great Selection Of Safety Eyewear From Radians!


RadWear™ Mirage Smoke Lens Safety Glasses


RadWear™ Mirage Clear Lens Safety Glasses


Rad-Sequel™ Clear Lens Safety Glasses


Crossfire RPG Smoke Lens Safety Glasses


Illusion™ Safety Glasses with Smoke Lens


Polarized Mirror Lens With Matte Black Frame

The Heat is On: What to Expect From OSHA’s New NEP on Outdoor & Indoor Heat Hazards

OSHA launched a targeted program to protect workers across the nation from the increasing threat of heat-related illness. It went into effect April 8, 2022

OSHA's National Emphasis Program (NEP) creates, for the first time, a nationwide enforcement mechanism for OSHA to proactively inspect workplaces for heat-related hazards in general industry, maritime, construction, or agriculture operation alleging hazardous exposures to heat for both outdoors and indoors. This means that OSHA can now launch heat-related inspections on high-risk worksites before workers suffer preventable injuries, illnesses, or fatalities. The NEP encourages employers to protect workers from heat hazards by providing employee access to water, rest, shade, adequate training, and implementing acclimatization procedures for new or returning employees. It contains both enforcement and outreach/compliance assistance components.

Come listen to Bubba Wolford on what this means for you, your workforce, and your organization.

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Focus On Hydration Safety And Prevent Heat Stress With A Great Selection Of Products From Sqwincher!

Sqwincher® Zero

Qwik Stiks Instant Drink Mix, 50/Pack

Sqwincher® Sqweeze

Assorted Flavor Freezer Pops, 150/Case

Sqwincher® Fast Pack®

Single Serve Instant Drink Mix, 50/Box

Sqwincher® Zero

Assorted Flavor Freeze Pops 150/Case

Sqwincher® Zero

Powder Pack™ 2.5-Gallon Drink Mix

Sqwincher® 5-Gallon

Liquid Drink Mix Concentrate, 6/Case

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