3M 8211 disposable particulate respirators offer comfort and protection

Workers may find it difficult to perform tasks when wearing respirators that fog up eye protection. Employers can provide comfort and protection by choosing 3M 8211 disposable respirators.

The lightweight respirator features a 3M Cool Flow™ exhalation valve and 3M advanced electret filter media that provide superior comfort by allowing cooler, easier breathing. An M-shaped nose clip reduces the amount of pressure on the face and helps prevent safety glasses from fogging. The 3M 8211 N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator has a durable braided headband that won’t pull workers’ hair and foam border that contours easily to nearly any face shape to form an effective seal. It is 95% efficient in non-oil areas and approved for use by NIOSH.

Give employees disposable respirators that provide the comfort they need to perform their jobs effectively. Workers will appreciate the coolness, comfort, and protection of the 3M 8211 disposable particulate respirator.

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