Windsocks are a simple solution when wind direction matters

In some industries, safety depends on knowing the direction of the wind. With this windsock, employers can help make workers aware of the wind’s direction by providing this basic but effective tool.

Affordably priced and constructed to last, this windsock is a great value. Strong PVC-over-nylon materials make the windsock durable and helps maintain the vivid color longer. At 18 inches in diameter by 48 inches long, it is the most common size used in industrial applications and works well for oil and gas drilling sites, airports, helipads, highways, chemical facilities, and agricultural and recreational areas.

This Windsock is designed for outstanding safety, ease of use, and durability. The bright orange color allows for exceptional visibility, and brass grommets on the throat band make lacing simple. This windsock also comes with nylon locking ties so it can be easily secured.

With the right traffic safety supplies, employers can help reduce injuries. Order this windsock today and mount it where wind direction matters.

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