Respond quickly with a convenient SPC economy universal spill kit

Spills can happen at any worksite and, when they do, workers need to take immediate action. Prepare teams for emergencies by providing convenient and cost-effective SPC universal spill kits. These kits contain all the supplies workers need to clean up spills fast. 

SPC universal spill kits are ideal for containing and controlling oil, water-based, and chemical spills in plants, labs, workstations, and construction sites. These kits can handle spills up to five gallons and are conveniently sized to allow the quick response necessary to minimize damage. SPC Economy Universal Sorbent Spill Kits include ten 15-inch by 19-inch sorbent pads, two 3-inch by 4-inch absorbent socks, one pair of nitrile gloves, one disposal bag, and a clean-up instruction sheet. Affordably priced, SPC spill kits help employers economically prepare for spills. 

Improve workplace efficiency by strategically placing spill kits throughout facilities in areas where they are most likely to be needed, such as maintenance areas, shipping docks, plant floors, and freight vehicles. Having kits nearby will save time since employees will be able to quickly locate the absorbent materials required to limit emergency spills and perform routine maintenance.

Sorbents and spill control supplies are an essential part of workplace safety. Universal spill kits can help employers avoid costly damage and reduce injuries and illness. Stock up on SPC universal spill kits to ensure facilities are spill-ready.

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