NS® 90-gallon safety cabinets offer exceptional value

Rely on this NS® safety cabinet with manual doors for safe on-site storage of flammable liquids. Designed for maximum security, this cabinet is constructed from all welded, 18-guage double-wall steel that provides a heat barrier with an inch and a half of insulating space. Its doors have 14-gauge exteriors and 18-guage interiors – and contain 56% more steel than other 18-gauge cabinets!

This NS® safety storage cabinet is designed with innovative features for superior protection. Manual-close doors have three-point closing mechanisms, rounded edges to reduce the risk of snagging clothes, and open to a full 180 degrees. The lockable, flush-mounted handle features convenient gripper pads and includes two keys. A reliable, 2-inch leak-proof sill helps prevent spills and the safety yellow color identifies that the cabinet contains flammable liquids.

NS® 90-Gallon Yellow Flammable Liquids Safety Storage Cabinet with Manual Doors & 2 Shelves complies with OSHA and NFPA standards, and is FM-approved. Adjustable leveling feet allow the cabinet to be used on uneven floors. The cabinet comes with two adjustable galvanized steel shelves. 

Employers appreciate this cabinet for its affordable price and great features, including safety labeling in large reflective red letters, twin 2" flame arrester vents, and a built-in grounding connector. Its powder-coated finish and heavy-duty welded hinges with brass pins ensure long-lasting use.

Reduce the risk of fires and explosions by using flammable liquid safety cabinets. Outfit your facility with this NS® 90-Gallon cabinet with manual doors for exceptional security, durability, and value.

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