Contain spills and safeguard the environment with NS® “Go Green” spill kit

Prepare for spills with the NS® 55-gallon “Go Green” wheeled spill kit. This reliable, universal spill control kit gives employees everything they need to take immediate action – and it’s friendly to the environment.             

The NS® “Go Green” wheeled spill kit is a great option for most workplaces. The kit absorbs up to 50 gallons of any non-aggressive liquid.  Environmentally friendly kit is produced from 100% recycled and renewable products. The absorbent contents include a variety of socks, pads, and pillows that outperform polypropylene sorbents by 20%, absorbing up to 30 times their own weight in liquid.

NS® Spill Control "Go Green" Universal Absorbent Wheeled Spill Kit – 55-Gallon is ideal for everyday use and provides everything needed to contain and cleanup spills. This kit features wheels for easy transport and faster response.

Prepare job sites and facilities by training workers to respond quickly and effectively with sorbents and spill control products. Protect workers, property, facilities, and the environment with the NS® "Go Green" 55-gallon universal spill kit.

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