Protect against chemicals with Showa® Best® NeoGrab™ gloves

Safeguard workers’ hands and forearms when they’re dealing with caustics, acids, greases, oils, and solvents. Provide 12” long Showa® Best® NeoGrab™ rough neoprene coated gloves for outstanding safety and convenience. 

Dipped multiple times in 100% neoprene, these heavy-duty gloves provide exceptional protection against chemicals, punctures, tears, and abrasion. Their long length offers additional coverage for the wrists and lower forearms, and a rough texture helps improve workers’ grip. A five-piece flannel liner keeps hands comfortable in hot or cold conditions.

Showa® Best® NeoGrab™ Coated Gloves, Rough Finish, 12” Length are great for simple maintenance. These chemical-resistant work gloves are ideal for workers involved with oil and gas refining, sand blasting, manufacturing, plating, food or paper pulp processing, masonry, and many other applications.

Reduce the risk of injury from harmful chemicals with the superior protection of Showa® Best® NeoGrab™ neoprene coated gloves.

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