Maintain optimal vision with N-Specs® anti-fog safety goggles

Protect employees’ eyes from splashes by providing convenient goggles that fit over most prescription eyeglasses. Designed to deliver outstanding eye protection without impairing workers’ vision, these goggles are a great choice for most workplaces.

Made from soft PVC for exceptional comfort, N-Specs® Anti-Fog Liquid Splash Protection Safety Goggles feature indirect venting that safeguards eyes against liquid and chemical splash. A fog-free polycarbonate lens ensures the goggles stay clear and won’t interfere with work. A wider elastic headband provides a comfortable fit and helps keep them in place. They meet ANSI requirements and are manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered facility.

This versatile eye protection works well for employees with or without prescription glasses and is great for almost any type of work environment. Stock up on N-Specs® anti-fog safety goggles and keep the workplace safe and visible when employees work with hazardous liquids.

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