Reduce risk and costs with popular Howard Leight® cordless MAX® ear plugs

Workers in large, noisy facilities need premium hearing protection on hand at all times. Howard Leight® Source 500 MAX® ear plug refills make it easy to stay stocked and offer superior safety. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 33 decibels and a user-friendly design, these disposable, pre-shaped ear plugs are an ideal choice for a wide variety of workplaces.

The contoured, bell shape makes them simple to insert and helps prevent them from slipping out of the ear canal. The polyurethane foam construction of these ear plugs make them more comfortable for extended use, while smooth, closed-cell skin resists dirt build-up for more hygienic wear. The Howard Leight® Source 500 MAX® Disposable Pre-Shaped Foam NRR 33 Ear Plug Refill is a cost-effective solution that cuts down on waste and packaging when used with a Leight® Source 500 dispenser.

Give workers ear plugs they can feel confident in and comfortable wearing. Keep dispensers stocked with Howard Leight Source 500 MAX® cordless ear plug refills and maintain compliance while reducing costs.

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