Boost productivity with an affordably priced NS® hydraulic pallet truck

Workers will appreciate the NS® hydraulic pallet truck that can handle up to 5,500 pounds of stock. This high-quality, low-priced material handling equipment is constructed from durable steel and offers features that make tasks easier.                         

Loading and unloading pallets is quick and easy with this truck, thanks to convenient entry and exit rollers and a safety bypass valve that helps prevent overloading. A smooth-operating chrome piston and ram spare the pump and seal from excessive wear to extend the life of the equipment.

The rugged NS® Material Handling Hydraulic Pallet Truck, 5,500 lb. Capacity is manufactured with polyurethane wheels and steel rollers in a facility that is ISO 9002-registered.

Improve warehouse productivity with materials handling equipment that allows crews to move pallets efficiently. NS® hydraulic pallet trucks are designed to ease workers’ efforts and provide long-lasting use – for a great price.

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