NS® shock-absorbing lanyard offers optimal safety at a great price

This NS® shock-absorbing lanyard offers a double locking snap hook and a rebar snap hook with a 2 ¼- inch gate opening that allows convenient positioning during a wide range of applications that require fall protection. These handy attachments and a great price make this lanyard a practical and affordable option for industries seeking an alternative to conventional shock packs.

Constructed of 1 3/8-inch thick tubular webbing, this reliable single-leg lanyard provides optimal protection and has a minimum breaking strength of 6,000 pounds. Its lightweight design is popular with workers and ideal for industries like construction, longshoring, and warehousing. A built-in shock absorber reduces impact so a fall will be easier on the wearer’s body. NS® Shock Absorbing Lanyards with Locking Snap Hook & Rebar Snap Hook help employers maintain compliance by meeting OSHA and ANSI standards.

Provide workers with effective fall protection that keeps them confident while on the job. NS® shock-absorbing lanyards ensure reliable safety at an affordable price.

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