Look cool and be comfortable with Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses

Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses with smoke-colored, mirrored lenses are a great choice for eye protection and they are designed to look cool and feel comfortable, making crews happy to wear them.                     

Workers love their sporty style, and the dual tinted lenses offer the look of sunglasses, adding to the sleek design and helping to increase compliance.

Jackson® Safety Hellraiser™ Safety Glasses with Smoke Mirrored Lens are ultra-lightweight for all day wear. Flexpoint temples give them a comfortable, secure fit workers will appreciate.

In addition to style and comfort, these glasses provide superior safety and meet ANSI standards. Their lenses are constructed of high-performance polycarbonate that helps safeguard workers’ eyes from UV rays and impact from flying particles.

Choose comfortable, stylish safety glasses employees won't mind wearing throughout the day – Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses.

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