Improve vision and reduce costs with Uvex® Fog Eliminator lens cleaning cloths

Sudden changes in temperature, cold, and humidity can cause eye protection to fog up, interfering with vision and safety. Uvex® Fog Eliminator lens cloths are a convenient and cost-effective solution that can be used to clean glass or polycarbonate lenses.

A great choice for workers in construction, manufacturing, utilities, cold storage, and many other industries, Uvex® cloths eliminate fogging without leaving a film or streaks on safety glasses or goggles. The cloths are made with a silicone- and alcohol-free formula that can be used on all lens types and coatings. For added safety, the cloths are not toxic or flammable. 

Uvex® Fog Eliminator Lens Cleaning Cloths come in individually wrapped packages that are perfect for storing in vehicles, work stations, tool boxes, and desks. They’re designed to be reusable, to save money, and are ANSI and CSA-certified, to help maintain compliance.

Don’t let fogging eye protection interfere with workplace safety, productivity, or compliance – provide Uvex Fog Eliminator lens cleaning cloths as a simple, budget-friendly solution.

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