Reduce cuts and improve grip with Showa® Best® Zorb-IT® Ultimate gloves

Showa® Best® Zorb-IT® Ultimate gloves feature a shell designed with Aramid fibers for advanced cut resistance.  Outstanding protection and a sure grip make these gloves a popular choice.                     

Breathable, form-fitting Lycra® stretch shells provide comfort, dexterity, and safety. Palms coated with sponge-nitrile soak up water and oil for an exceptional grip when handling wet or oily parts and equipment.

Showa® Best® Zorb-IT® Ultimate Cut Resistant Gloves offer ANSI Level 3 cut protection and are ideal for construction, maintenance, mechanic work, automotive assembly, shipping and receiving, recycling, handling glass or sheet metal, and applications involving contact with small sharp blades, parts, or cutting tools.

Provide crews with Showa® Best® Zorb-IT® Ultimate gloves for hand protection that offers superior cut resistance and a reliable grip.

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