Safeguard work crews with quick-recovering JBC™ 28" cones

A competitive price, superior durability, and a specially engineered base make JBC™ 28” traffic safety cones popular. These ultra-durable, wide-body cones pop back up quickly when crushed, bent, or run over.

Constructed of premium, injection-molded PVC, you can count on this cone to recover rapidly and endure the wear and tear of daily use. The JBC™ 28" Heavy-Duty Wide Body Traffic Cone, 7 lb. offers exceptional safety and meets the standards outlined in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

A sturdy base made of recycled PVC is permanently bonded to the cone. Designed to provide excellent traction, stack easily, and prevent cones from sticking together, the base also features cavities that have been strategically placed to increase the strength of the foundation and handle multiple impacts without damage. The wide body ensures stability and features fluorescent orange on both the inner and outer layers.

Ideal for guiding pedestrian and vehicle traffic at construction sites and indoor public spaces, and as a warning of hazards or dangers during roadwork and emergencies.

Traffic safety supplies are essential in work areas with a steady flow of moving vehicles and equipment. Help reduce on-the-job injuries and keep traffic away from workers with JBC™ 28" cones.

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