Plum covered eye wash station is ideal for dusty workplaces

The Plum double saline eye wash station with cover is a sterile, hygienic solution for quickly rinsing away irritants, toxins, and contaminants. Form-fitting eye cups deliver a gentle but effective rinse, providing outstanding eye relief when workers need it.

This convenient eyewash station mounts to the wall, requires no cleaning, and is maintenance-free. It includes two bottles of sterile saline eye wash, a mirror to assist users, and a dust-proof cover that is ideal for work environments that are frequently dusty or dirty.

The Plum Double Sterile Saline Eye Wash Station with Cover meets ANSI standards and is FDA-registered. It is ideal for manufacturing facilities, construction sites, food services, oil and gas drilling, steel welding, laboratories, and many other industrial settings. 

Help workers reduce the risk of serious eye injuries by providing facilities with effective emergency eye wash stations and showers. The Plum double sterile saline eye wash offers everyday convenience and emergency relief.

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