NSC official to tackle safety problems in manufacturing sector

A top-ranking official with the National Safety Council (NSC) has been invited to join a group responsible for identifying major safety and health challenges in the manufacturing industry.

Jim Johnson, vice president of Workplace Safety Initiatives for NSC, will serve as a member of the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA). The group has been tasked with developing an agenda over the next decade to address safety and health concerns among manufacturing companies.

Workplace interventions are commonly designed to help businesses identify problem areas that require improvement, such as a need for new safety equipment or the implementation of employee training sessions covering lockout tagout procedures.

Created in 1996, NORA conducts research and designs a framework to improve workplace safety throughout the nation. The group's Manufacturing Sector Council collaborates with employers, employees, government agencies, insurers, and trade associations to determine the most pressing issues in the industry.

"I look forward to working with other members of the Manufacturing Sector to find solutions to the leading manufacturing safety challenges," Johnson said.

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