Protect your hands and safety budget with Microflex SafeGrip latex gloves

16 mil latex work gloves are ideal for extreme environments in the workplace.

Durable latex construction resists most tearing and ripping. In addition, the snug fit allows for a tight grip and little chance that foreign substances will contact the skin.

Microflex SafeGrip's Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves are a popular choice to ensure workplace safety. Measuring 11 ½ inches in length, these gloves have been manufactured using Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-accepted materials.

The latex is 16 mil thick and provides reliable hand protection against cuts and abrasions, and when working with potentially harmful materials. They are four times thicker than the traditional latex exam gloves used in a doctor's office.

SafeGrip's extended cuff protects the wrist and forearm. In addition, this glove is designed with textured fingers to give the user optimum gripping capabilities on the job.

When work produces intense pressure and strain on your hands, you can rely on these gloves for excellent protection.

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