Northern Safety's lens-cleaning towelettes clear the way for optimum vision

A busy work site typically has its fair share of debris. Saw dust, dirt, and soot are materials commonly coating the safety products of workers.

This can become a significant problem when grime builds up on safety glasses, making it difficult for employees to see properly. It is important to clean your eyewear on a regular basis.

Cleaning requires more than just simply dabbing water on the lenses and running a wash cloth over them. Hastily washing your safety glasses can cause scratches.

Northern Safety's pre-moistened safety glasses lens cleaning anti-fog towelettes are perfect for most job sites. They are conveniently stored in individual foil-wrapped packages, allowing workers to carry them in their pockets wherever they go.

The 5-by-8-inch towelettes are pre-moistened with C-Clear solution, which is anti-fog and anti-static.

They are packed in a dispenser box with an easy-to-use pull-out bottom, each containing 100 towelettes. You don't need to purchase a separate bag, bin, or box to display them at work sites. Making them readily available for all employees will ensure optimum protection and visibility for workers.

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