Train first, ask questions later

In basic workplace safety protocol, there's one motto that's likely to hold true in any kind of work environment. By adhering to "train first, ask questions later," employees will ensure that they abide by all received instructions and avoid trying to figure things out for themselves, especially when operating dangerous equipment.

Those who work around industrial machinery should only handle equipment that they've been approved to operate - no exceptions. A warehouse stacker may seem fairly self-explanatory to maneuver, but numerous workplace accidents result from inexperience.

Employees who have been trained to handle a piece of equipment should always ask their supervisors for guidance if they have any questions - even if they received previous training on it. It's better to ask for sound instruction than leave it to chance and risk injury.

The knowledge of how to operate a piece of equipment extends to safety equipment guidelines as well. Encourage all employees to consult a workplace expert should they have any doubts regarding the proper use of their safety glasses, hard hats, or other supplies.

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