N-Specs® Premium Side shields make eye glasses a quick and convenient safety device

One of the most fragile parts of the human body is the eye. Our eyes provide us with our most used sense and they can be easily damaged. In work environments that deal with flying debris or particles, the protection of employees' eyes should be a high priority.

Consequently, goggles, safety glasses, and other types of shields should be standard equipment at factories, construction sites, and other production facilities. Some workers should also be required to wear safety glasses at all times, especially when chipping, grinding, and operating saws and drills.

Over-the-glass safety glasses can be uncomfortable for some workers that wear prescription glasses. Now, workers with ANSI-approved prescription glasses can add these slip-on side shields for complete protection. It's important to make sure your workers have adequate protection that's comfortable and ANSI-compliant.

An excellent choice is N-Specs® Premium PVC Slip-On Safety Side Shields for Eyeglasses. Easily fitting on most spectacles with no tools or extra parts required, these safety shields will give added protection and will meet ANSI requirements when they are worn with ANSI-approved eyewear.

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