Disposable ear plugs protect against hearing damage

When you think about workplace safety, the hazards that come to mind will often include noxious chemicals, dangerous machinery, and the threat of electric shock. These are all serious things to be wary of while on the job.

Most machinery in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and at construction sites produces noise that can damage hearing. Loud noise is a serious threat to human health because it can do permanent harm. Anyone who has ever listened to loud music will realize that it doesn't take a lot of volume to produce sound-dullness and ringing in the ears. However, what some might not realize is that dullness and ringing represent dying cells, never to return again.

As a result, it's crucial that employers provide workers at loud workplaces with ear plugs to protect their hearing. Moldex Pura-Fit Uncorded Disposable Ear Plugs, with NRR 33, should be kept on-hand at all times in high-volume situations. Their tapered shape makes for easy insertion and will fit comfortably in any worker's ear.

Not only is hearing important to workers on the job, but it is also an important part of everyday life outside work.

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