Safety regulations and procedures should be clearly posted in a variety of locations

An excellent way to maintain workplace safety is to implement clear regulations that workers can easily remember and apply. When injuries or accidents occur, it is important that all workers react quickly to ensure that no accident becomes even worse. In addition to proper training and frequent practice, workers need to be reminded of emergency procedures on a regular basis.

One means of accomplishing this is to post regulations in multiple areas around a workplace to ensure that workers will regularly read them. A particularly effective spot is in a break room or kitchen where workers usually congregate for breaks and meals. Posting procedures in multiple locations will make it possible for employees to familiarize themselves with them during various parts of their days.

Another good place is in employee bathrooms. Most workers are likely to read posters and notes on the wall of a lavatory. By the same token, elevators, waiting rooms, and other areas where workers may spend time are great locations to reinforce emergency procedures. These regulation and procedure reminders will stay with employees longer and can hopefully be called upon when trouble strikes.

In addition to posting regulations around the workplace, employers should be sure that proper safety equipment is being used at all times. Safety glasses, work gloves, and hard hats should be worn at all times if required by company protocol.

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