Protecting workers in the sun

Many workers are exposed to the sun for long periods throughout their workdays. The risk of over-exposure to ultraviolet light is high in these cases. UV rays cause sunburn, and in some cases may lead to skin cancer. Follow these tips to work efficiently and safely outside this summer.

• Whenever possible, work in the shade or beneath a screen
• Always use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and re-apply frequently throughout the day
• Purchase new sunscreen each year
• Some insect repellents decrease the effectiveness of sunscreen, which means reapplications will need to be more frequent
• Use hard hats that have a full brim to shade the ears and neck
• Wear sunglasses that offer 100 percent UV protection
• When using safety glasses, select a model with a dark shade
• Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows moisture to evaporate
• Clothing that is darker in color and has a tight weave will block more of the sun's rays
• Use safety products including cooling headwear, bandanas, vests, and towels
• Take frequent breaks out of direct sun and drink plenty of water

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