Ways to promote better safety culture

Promoting a successful safety culture, a term which Safety Daily Advisor calls "the set of values that management and the workforce use to determine how they act at work," should go further than being a priority, as priorities tend to be rearranged depending on companies' needs, according to safety professional James Roughton.

Instead, it should be a part of everyday work, he said, and can be attained in just a few steps.

By studying previous accidents, employers can see all factors that led up to the incident, rather than as an isolated occurrence. Once the risks are assessed, integrating safety activities into existing standards, instead of creating new ones, will aid in worker compliance.

Involving workers and applauding noticeable improvements can go a long way. When there is an accident, start thinking about the current process of recognizing hazards and how to control them, and focus on the ways the system can be improved. A safety culture can grow and succeed as management endorses change and provides repetitive training, enforcement, and encouragement.

Also outlined by Roughton was the importance of identifying and measuring all costs associated with workplace injuries and finding ways to manage and reduce them.

Developing a safety culture also includes various safety and compliance systems, such as the use and continual monitoring of safety products and equipment.

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