Offer workers excellent fall protection with these web lanyards

Ensure the safety of employees working above the ground and provide a greater freedom of movement to increase productivity with NS® 10' Retractable Web Lanyards.

These lightweight units weigh only 4 pounds and feature 10' x 1 3/4" webbing, a 1 1/8" alloy steel carabiner, a steel swivel shackle, and a double-locking snap hook connector. The NS® 10' Retractable Web Lanyard minimizes the risk of trip and fall injuries by retracting out of the way and is also equipped with a load indicating safety tab that alerts workers when it has been in a fall and should be removed from service.

These self-retracting lanyards are an excellent choice when searching for the best in safety and worksite injury reduction. They have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds and feature a braking mechanism that reduces fall arrest forces to less than 900 pounds. These lanyards meet ANSI Z359-2007 and OSHA standards for fall protection.

Promote compliance, worksite safety, and employee security with this NS® 10' Retractable Web Lanyard.

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