Promote safety and save money by providing these over-the-glass safety glasses

Using N-Specs® Tri-Star® OTG Over-The-Glass Safety Glasses with Clear Lens is a simple and economical way to protect workers' eyes. According to the Vision Council of America's Visionwatch study, 63.5 percent of adults were wearing eyeglasses in 2010. OSHA requires employers to ensure that employees who wear prescription lenses use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that incorporates the prescription or use eye protection that can be worn over prescription lenses.

N-Specs® Tri-Star® OTG Over-The-Glass Safety Glasses with Clear Lens are by far the most practical choice for you and your workers. These over-the-glass safety glasses fit comfortably over most traditional prescription eyewear. They are fully adjustable at the temples and offer ratchet inclination so that most workers can wear them comfortably.

Equip your employees with these safety glasses for a custom-fit safety supply that is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate and gives a clear view to any worker. Tri-Star® Over-The-Glass Safety Glasses are manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered facility and meet all ANSI standards, making them perfect for employers who are looking to save money while protecting their workers.

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