Hard hat safety training imperative for workers

On December 16, 2011, Safety Daily Advisor highlighted the importance of hard hat safety in initial training of employees, as well as in refresher training courses.

Employees should be trained to select a hard hat that is appropriate for the task at hand and protects against existing hazards. Hard hats are rated by type and class, which workers should understand when making a selection.

Type I helmets provide top impact protection, while Type II hard hats provide protection against top and side impacts. Class E are tested to withstand 20,000 volts. Class G is tested to 2,200 volts, while Class C does not provide any protection from electricity.

Employers are also encouraged to explain that workers must inspect hard hats for damage and wear before and after every use, adjust the headband to an appropriately fitting position, and clean the helmet occasionally. Also include training on when a hard hat needs to be replaced, including if it has been involved in an impact, is cracked, broken, or punctured, or if the suspension's headband is worn or stretched out.

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