Northern Safety adds Haws® Axion™ EyePOD™ in 2012

Leading safety and industrial equipment supplier Northern Safety recently announced the addition of the Haws® Axion™ MSR EyePOD™ to its product line for 2012. This Haws® eye wash offers an easy-to-install faucet-mount solution for exposure to eye irritants.

With an exclusive, inverted water flow pattern that follows first aid protocols used by medical professionals, the Haws® Axion™ EyePOD™ Faucet-Mounted Emergency Eye Wash Station quickly washes contaminants from the eyes, making it easier to ensure that workers are relieved of any extreme eye discomfort that occurs while on the job. The EyePOD™ features a built-in thermostat, which automatically shuts down the eye wash flow if the water temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also functions as a normal faucet for added convenience. This easy-to-use eye wash station also complies with ANSI standards.

Install this eye wash in workplaces where employees may be exposed to chemicals, debris, or other types of potential eye irritants to protect your workers while they're on the job. Emergency eye wash stations are integral pieces of first aid equipment that can help reduce temporary or permanent damage to workers' eyes.

Prepare your workplace for an efficient response to eye injury and help protect your workers' vision with the Haws® Axion™ EyePOD™.

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