Keep hands warm and comfortable with pigskin leather work gloves

Hand protection is important, as workers subject their hands to many types of rough conditions. That's why companies appreciate safety products like NS® Insulated Pigskin Leather Work Gloves with Knitwrist. Using these gloves helps workers keep their hands warm and maintain productivity.

The NS® Insulated Pigskin Leather Work Gloves with Knitwrist are the ultimate choice for workers seeking both comfort and functionality, and this quality hand protection can help keep workers safe in cold temperatures. Breathable, abrasion resistant pigskin leather dries soft and ready-to-wear without shrinking or stiffening, and these gunn pattern gloves include a shirred cotton back for a better fit. The soft knitwrists help keep out cold air, dirt, and debris.

These work gloves have a soft jersey insulation lining to keeps hands warm and dry, while the full leather palm, index finger, fingertips, and knuckle strap help reduce hand injuries. 

Prepare for the worst by purchasing the best - a pair of NS® Insulated Pigskin Work Gloves with Knitwrist.

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